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All God's Creatures

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

One day my sister wrote:

“Crows are known to leave "gifts" behind if you feed them. Typically it's coins, shells, shiny pebbles, etc. We've been leaving out bird food for about 2 years now and we get crows visit regularly. Today they finally left me a gift. A HUGE snail shell.

A crow did this to show appreciation - seeing the photo, something inside of me became completely still. Around the same time she sent me a photo of ducks that she rescued. I was aware of the difference between my visceral reaction between the two – crow (scavengers, dark and ominous) and duck ( adorable, angelic) . No different than my reactions say to rodent or kitten, butterfly or mosquito etc. Intrigued by the crow’s gesture, I read about them, their ways and life. My mind separated them although they came from same Source. The realization of what I don’t know that I don’t know and the consequences was like a small electric shock. Humbled by ignorance, prejudgment, cavalier assumptions and small mind – I was aware what it cost me.

God’s Grace is everywhere. But a closed mind leads to closed heart and inability to experience the grace present everyday in front of me – in the kindness of the crow, softness of a field mouse’s little eyes, and the delicate grace of a mosquito’s long legs. Magical and special things seen by the Heart.

Below are some of the things I learned about the noble crow.

1. Crows symbolize transformation and change and revered in many culture and traditions.

2. Crows are intelligent and can solve problems at level of 7 yo child.

3. Crows mate for life and have families.

4. Crows hold funerals for their dead.

5. Crows recognize individual human faces for years.

6. Crows communicate via different dialects.

7. Crows leave gifts for those who care for them.

Sound track – Pankh Hote by Pravin Godkhindi – a celebration of birds, flight, life ( Pankh – wing, to take flight)



Jun 12, 2023

This is so sweet! Love this post! Thank you for sharing.


Jun 12, 2023

Loved the blog about the crow - the message, the video and the music. Interesting facts about the crow too!

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