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ABOUT GHEE Ghee is the Indian term for clarified butter. Ghee and butter and the cows that gift them are revered in many cultures for their health benefits. Ayurveda tells us that ghee ignites our digestive fire or agni and helps produce health promoting ojas – the most refined element of digestion crucial to immunity and vitality. As it turns out, ghee and butter are one of the richest sources of n-butyrate a short chain fatty acid that has been shown to be important in various aspects of digestive health. Butyrate normally is produced as a result of colonic fermentation of fiber in the gut. It is the preferred source of energy for the cells of the intestinal lining and several studies suggest that it is the effect of butyrate which actually gives dietary fiber its anti-cancer effects: cells incubated in high butyrate environments tend to not mutate as frequently. There are two ways to get butyrate. One is to let you body produce it by the proper digestion of fiber (whole grains, beans, vegetables, fruit and nuts are good sources of fiber) by intestinal bacteria. Studies have shown that increasing dietary fiber increases butyrate production, and decreasing fiber decreases it. The other is to consume it. Butyrate also occurs in significant amounts in butter and ghee.

In isolated Swiss villages, ... cows spend the warm summer on the verdant knolls and wooded slopes near the glaciers and fields of perpetual snow, they have a period of high and rich productivity of milk. ... These people ... recognize the presence of Divinity in the life- giving qualities of the butter made in June when the cows have arrived for pasturage near the glaciers. The priest gathers the people together to thank the kind Father for the evidence of His Being in the life-giving properties of butter and cheese made when the cows eat the grass near the snow line. This worshipful program includes the lighting of a wick in a bowl of the first butter made after the cows have reached the luscious summer pasturage. This wick is permitted to burn in a special sanctuary built for that purpose. The natives of the valley are able to recognize the superior quality of their June butter, and without knowing exactly why, pay it due homage. Weston Price DDS Nutrition and Physical Degeneration RECIPE:


1lb of unsalted butter (Preferably organic, grass fed)

1 clean 13oz jar

Fine sieve metal strainer or clean cheesecloth

Directions: 1. Place butter in pan and heat on moderate heat until butter melts and comes to boil. This will take about 10 minutes

2. Turn heat down to low and let simmer uncovered for 50-60 minutes

3. When the ghee is ready you will see a thin crust on top , then the clear ghee and milk solids on bottom 4. Skim off foamy crust

5. Allow the ghee to cool a bit. Then using a ladle, pour ghee through strainer into clear jar. If you are using cheesecloth, line a regular strainer with the cheesecloth and pour the ghee through. 6. You can either discard foam & milky solid or mix with the small amount of ghee left and use it as a spread on bread – I love it with a bit of salt.

7. Store ghee at room temperature


1. To make ghee easily and mess free use a fine sieve metal strainer instead of the cheesecloth 2. You can buy a fine sieve strainer online at

3. To clean the metal strainer & pot pour hot water to remove any residual ghee – this makes it so much easier to clean

4. For your first jar you can use organic valley ghee 13oz jar (perfect size for 1lb butter)


1. Check with your physician regarding how much ghee you should consume if you have hyperlipidemia ( high cholesterol or triglycerides)

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