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Srotas in Ayurveda, Sound - In the Arms of Mother Divine

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

This is a example of Kirtan - devotional type of chanting. Sung by Krishna Das - disciple of Neem Karoli Baba. Like with all sound I highly recommend closing your eyes when listening. The string instrument in the beginning is particularly beautiful.

Ayurveda describes srotas as channels in body carrying out various functions. Sravanaat srotaamsi (Charaka Samhita ). "Those from which Sravana or flow of body substances take place or those through which the materials flow in the body are called Srotases."

I wondered why the channels in the body were called srotas. In sanskrit, srota means current of flow as well as that hears; a different word (additional r) srotra - means ear. What do tubular channels that transport bodily substances have to do with sound. Is there a link to sound? I wondered for awhile but could not understand and thought maybe the words have no relation. Interestingly, namah srotasyaya ca from srirudraprasnah is typically translated with reference to stream and island but Nithyananda paramahamsa translates it as One making roaring sound.

As I was listening to this kirtan - I felt the current of these sounds from far away traveling through the srotas of the body and mind until I was floating on the vibrations; nothing else existed but the ocean of compassion, love - the arms of Mother Divine.

Srotas transmit physical substances in our body but at subtle plane they seem to transmit sound and vibration throughout our body and consciousness. At some level, are we simply a network of srotas receiving and channeling vibrations?

Om Sri Matre Namah


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