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Mother Earth

Mother in all sense of the word

It is Her beautiful lap in which we play, work and live

Her fertile fields that nourish us with endless variety of food

Her rivers, rains and springs quench our thirst

With patience and forbearance she receives our wastes

Her tolerance and forgiveness is tremendous.

And Her Love is limitless.

In honor of our universal Mother, we all can make an effort. Not everyone can buy an electric car or install solar panels. But we can do something. No effort is too small to show your love.

No effort will ever be big enough to match Her Love - for us and every living thing on this planet

So do something.

Below is a very simple way to reduce plastic waste that I stumbled upon – an ingenious shampoo bar – natural, convenient and it works. (

Switching out shampoo bars for liquid shampoo in bottles would eliminate an average of 700 plastic bottles per person lifetime or 7 million bottles per 10,000 people lifetimes. That's awesome for such a small change.

Together we are more than sum of each of us.

After all the heavens are lit up by not a single shining star but millions.

If you have a really simple way to care for and honor

Mother Earth please show your Love and share it in this blog so others can learn.

To learn more about plastic and how hurtful it is to Mother Earth and to us visit any of the websites below.

Vocal artist Ana Noheea-Botin Friedensengel


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