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Gandharvas are celestial musicians par excellence. Gandharva music is considered heavenly and healing especially when listened to at right time of day. Rain Melody (Amar Nath for Maharishi Gandharva Veda), an example of gandharva music, takes you to the peace, stillness of a quiet rainy day; deep to stillness of the Heart. When first I heard it - a single tear, like a raindrop fell. Compassion is what I felt – a softness opening and full unconditional acceptance - a love devoid of emotions as we typically experience it- pure – compassion for myself, for all. It is hard to be human- we can experience great joy but also great suffering. Trapped in a cage of darkness, limited vision, patterned responses, automatic emotions/actions, and smallness of ourselves, we ping pong and ricochet with every emotion, perceived success, failure, every boost or squash to our egos. All of us regardless of our awareness of it to some extent are trapped. Victims of our own devices. It is painful. It is hard to live it. Hard to watch it. In myself and others. We all can be so much more but in the mean time what is needed - Compassion. To seek, see and honor that which is Highest in someone/yourself and to simultaneously wait, tolerate and accept the result when they/you fall short which is inevitable as we evolve. To do this for others and let others do this for you - Compassion. Judgments, analyses, critical calculations fall way to Compassion and we are left with open Heart for success and elevation of every living being. It's hard to be human but it's also great to be human. It's a gift - especially suffering- and everytime we can find and be Compassion for ourselves and for others we elevate humankind. Sound, Meditation, Ayurveda - are means of unveiling Compassion. Compassion, like a powerful celestial weapon is the gentle conquerer of anger, fear, ill will and self centeredness. Take a listen and experience sound blossom into direct multidimensional meaning and knowledge – like a beautiful flower in the rain.

jaya jaya karunaabdhe srimahadeva sambho


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