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Celestial Dancers

Close your eyes.

Let the sounds paint the picture - its a spectacular view.

Imagine two dancers represented by the flute and saxophone - unlikely but perfectly suited pair.

In the beginning they are dancing in unison few feet off the ground - the male saxophone confident and strident calls out and the female flute dainty and light answers - her voice is so sweet.

Twirling, spinning, singing and answering each other in their special language. The footwork, hand gestures are amazing as they follow each into the sky, teasing, challenging, inspiring each other. They sway, swirl and they call, the colors and sparks fly from the tones and nuances of their sounds as they rise - the drums and keyboards applauding their ascent.

The energy and electricity of their dance course through consciousness and light up the sky. They dance with delight - it is infectious, joyous and completely free - higher and higher. Until they are gliding in the midnight sky with the stars for their final bow.

Legendary Kadri Gopalnath and Extraordinary Pravin Godkhindi


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