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Most of us who are familiar with Ayurveda associate it with health. It is a health system founded in India thousands of years ago and is considered part of the Vedas. But as my Vaidya reminded me – Ayurveda is about life as the name implies Ayur – life and veda – knowledge – knowledge of life not just of health.

One weekend while walking to my office on spring day, all around me I saw Spring blooming – what a celebration – the parade of colors, shapes, textures and sounds. Tree leaves, plants, flowers of all kinds making their debut to symphonic birds creating a beautiful burst of green – an emerald green envelope. Like shy innocent infants, then toddlers, then young playful children, and then bold teenagers these plants will grow and mature over spring. Marveling at it, I had the experience of how truly it is for humans as it is for nature – kapha, pitta, vata cycles. As for us – apparent birth, childhood, adulthood, old age and death so it is for Nature. These trees, plants, flowers each will be born, then blossom, peak, transition and seemingly die and then repeat the cycle. For the ever and eager student of life is the gift of Ayurveda and the Vedas.

Ayurveda is about life - and all around us is the teaching of life.

Audio Track Vivaldi Spring. To hear all three movements of this spirited performance by Alana Youssefian and Voices of Music -


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