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Available Online

Sound Healing Workshop (3 Hours)

  • 100 US dollars
  • ZOOM

Service Description

Sound is mystical, magical; it is light and love within and without and somehow it is more. It is an extraordinary experience that can bring you peace and joy and connect you to the Love that already exists in you. It changed my life – expanded and enriched it in so many dimensions. It is my hope that others can also experience the gift of sound. Sound has been recognized throughout time for its healing and spiritual qualities. People from around the world have been using sound for healing and spiritual reasons dating back almost 50, 000 years. The vibrations related to sound are thought to be important in healing. Personally I have always been interested in the connection between spirituality and health - sound bridges these two areas. In Vedic philosophy, humans are thought of as having layers representing the body, energy/breath, mind, personality, and emotions. Sound is a vehicle to access and transcend these different layers. Sound healing is in essence a vibrational meditation; however it is easier to do than to focus merely on thoughts or nothing. Children can do this. It is an experience that cannot be translated into words and a way of communication within ourselves and beyond – sounds have meaning in our hearts and inner selves – words have meaning intellectually. Think about it - before words - there were only sounds. Description In this workshop, which is informational, experiential as well as experimental, we will explore the following: Informational session 1. What is the history of sound and sound healing? 2. What is the effect of sound on body and mind? 3. How does modern medicine use sound? Exploratory/Experimental session 1. Sound properties and effect on physical matter. 2. Tibetan bowls and tuning forks Experiential session 1. Meditative mind body practice using sounds from the Vedas.

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