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Introduction to Ayurveda (3 Hours)

  • 100 US dollars
  • ZOOM

Service Description

Ayurveda - one of the world’s oldest health system – teaches us that we are fundamentally made of the same elements as the universe and that there is interconnectedness between us, our health and the universe. It also teaches us that food and digestion are key components to mental and physical well-being. As a physician, mother and human being, I have been saddened to see the number of people with diet related diseases – such as obesity, hypertension, diabetes and all their associated complications - increase in the world. This is happening not only in adults but children and adolescents as well. It was a dark day when I first saw a large billboard advertising bariatric surgery for adolescents at nearby hospital center. Ayurveda provides a way to improve health with emphasis on diet. It is different than the typical nutritional advice in that it is tailored to each person’s mind body constitution and imbalances. It also takes into consideration natural laws of the universe. For many years I followed a relatively healthy diet rich in fruits vegetables and grains – it was far better than the average American diet. Still I did not feel well – I was not ill but I did not feel vitality, energy and clarity that come with wellness. It was only when I adapted an Ayurvedic diet did I see the change in my overall wellness – I feel better today than I did 20 years ago and I attribute that wellness to Ayurveda. Description In the introductory 3-hour lecture learn about: - The basic foundations of Ayurveda
 - The life forces or doshas – vata, pitta, and kappa
 - The body’s inner intelligence and balance - Importance of food, spices and proper digestion
 - Your own mind body constitution, digestive health

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