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Sounds of the Heart, Sounds of the Ego

Updated: Oct 12, 2020

This video of American Indian chant is one I have been drawn to for years - his face, the wind, clouds, the empty arena, his demeanor, the sounds. The sounds feel like they are coming directly from the Heart, floating in the wind and you can get a sense of what they mean. He is wearing face paint, a mask of sorts and elaborate costume yet it is as if he is complete naked, vulnerable and real.

Sounds of the Heart, Sounds of the Ego.

Ever wonder why sometimes the communication just flows and there is connection, positivity, joy and love, expanding space without effort? And why sometimes using the same words the opposite happens - hurt, anger, distrust, negativity and collapsing space.

When the Ego is there - sounds do not come from the Heart. So much easier for misunderstanding, hurt, anger, fear etc. We defend, deflect, diminish, devalue and devoid - we do anything other than give sound what is in the Heart.

When the sounds come from the Heart and the Ego falls away - we are who we are in that moment - and regardless of the words - other people get that genuine vulnerability, authenticity - it is in the sound, the vibration. Love, compassion, appreciation and expanding joy follow easily effortlessly.

The other half of the equation is the listening - when we listen with our Ego everything can be misinterpreted because the perspective is usually only ours. When we listen with the Heart, even seemingly hurtful words and actions bounce off and compassion, love flow because the Heart listens in a different way.

When we are able to speak and listen with the Heart - what ensues is precious, it does not diminish and it is not forgotten.


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